Evoking visions of pristine fjords and the crystal clear mountain streams feeding into them,

“vann” is the Norwegian word for water…  humanity’s most precious resource.

The Wold Health Organization estimates that 900 million people worldwide are without a readily available supply of clean drinking water, and that some 3.5 million people die annually from the consumption of unsanitary water.  Both rural and urban communities in every country globally face ongoing pollution of their local water resources.

Humanity must develop ways to stop the pollution, and to clean water that is already polluted.  Solving these issues through the application of new materials sciences breakthroughs is our massively transformative purpose. A purpose that aligns with the core values of peoples and societies everywhere.

The solutions to global challenges are never simply black and white.  It is in the shades and nuances that we discover the beautiful blending of the colors and textures of innovation.  The Vann Foundation seeks to harness disruptive innovation and enhance global partnerships to promote life-giving and life-sustaining solutions that are as solid as rock and as permeable as the sand on an ocean beach.


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